Discover Turkey, an uprising star of the dental tourism Experience the high standard quality dental treatment in Turkey with our company. FriendlySmile Turkey is a group of affiliated dental clinics ready to provide the healthiest and safest solutions in pleasant destinations with ease. We are well aware of the responsibility of caring for our patient’s oral health. We’ve been in the health sphere for more than 5 years so we had an opportunity to choose the best clinics all over Turkey to be our partners in finding the best solutions for your problems. Turkey is already popular with its five star all-inclusive hotels, sunny beaches and unforgettable vacations, but with us you have an opportunity to get a sparkling smile while enjoying this all. We have already established ourselves as a trustworthy destination for health tourism due to our PRINCIPLES of working. All our doctors have at least 10 year experience in providing dental treatment and some of them in the places where their work require a lot of carefulness and professionalism. Our staff is concentrated on constantly upgrading their knowledge and professionalism. They continuously participate in dental seminars and advanced trainings. All our doctors has gone through a special training and preparation to accept foreign patients. We are not only speaking foreign languages but we also know the difference in approaching patients from different countries. We use only the most contemporary equipment, materials and techniques, approved by international authorities to satisfy our patients’ needs. It is important for us how you feel during the treatment process that is why we organize 24/7 support for our patients and make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment you schedule your meeting with us till your last treatment procedure and return to routine healthcare. The last but not the least: prices. You will be pleasantly surprised with our prices as it is 60-70% less then in European countries. You will be surprised by our quality-price ratio. Treatment in our clinics: The treatment usually starts from making an X-ray to have a fuller picture of your oral health and then the interview and anquetting takes place. We provide you the full information about the procedures you require to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Then we schedule your treatment, divide it into sessions. On our final meeting we provide our patients with the information how to take care of their mouth to fixate and prolong the reached result. All your questions will be answered immediately, don’t hesitate to ask. We believe that information support is one of the key points to success.